Monday, August 31, 2009

Jane Aldridge - Sea of Shoes

This girl has it all at 17!:) Could she be the Anna Wintour of blogs or maybe a new magazine in 10 years...lets see:)


Renault said...

This girl is an amazing old soul. Good model, in life, and for those who will surround her.

She will get what she wants, because of her passion.

Anonymous said...

I love her blog, and read it daily! I love how she mixes clothing and accessories from a variety of sources, and then finishes off the outfits with killer shoes.

She seems like a very bright young girl. But make no mistake...she is p-r-i-v-i-l-e-d-g-e-d. One or both of her parents have major funds. Most 17 year olds don't have $500 - $1500 shoes in large quantities. Trophy, TX is not exactly the ghetto either. And let's face it, when you have money, you have access to products, services, people, and opportunities that most folks don't - even those with loads of talent and ambition.

She is truly blessed. I hope that she realizes this and makes the most of her opportunities.

kcookski1 said...

have you seen really cool photos, and i like it better because rumi is a more realistic fashion icon. the vast majority of us don't have parents (or sugar daddies) willing to foot crazy shoe bills.

Anonymous said...