Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lights, Camera, Fashion: Concrete Fashion

Episode 1: Dress The Part from Concrete Cashmere on Vimeo.

It looks like we are all just hearing about the new fashion reality contest show, Concrete & Cashmere which is produced by Alize.  But, no need to can catch each 10 minute episode now online and be inspired by the designer, stylist or fashionista on the show.  I LOVE the themes for the challenges they have really given me some ideas for my at-home-wardrobe projects that I need to explore.  The show reminds me a little bit of VH1's Glam God and The Fashion Show.  I am thinking that either Jamaica or Brea will win this contest...the others just haven't shown anything by the 5th episode that has WOWed me...but, we shall see...I really want to try recreating the top that Brea made in the Couture Tee contest and Jamaica was actually wearing a tassel around her shoulders that I want to try...also, Jamaica's Bowery look was really chic and now I think...So, watch this online fashion contest for more ideas and I haven't watched them yet, but get lots of cocktail ideas for your soiree's as well!