Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad for Mad Men

Am I the only one that just caught on in the past month that Mad Men is a MUST-SEE TV show on AMC!?  I can't believe I have missed this show for 2 seasons!  I have, of course caught up for tonight's BIG premiere...but, I still can't believe that I, the girl who LOVES all things vintage didn't know about this!  Well, to anyone else that has missed all of the really great publicity that AMC is doing...this is the show to DVR tonight!  And rent from Blockbuster to catch up on the drama and fashion!  This is like the Retro SATC:)  I know, I am fishing for more SATC:)
Through my Google Alerts I found this great piece done by ABC that shows how the actor dresses on set and off set...LOVE IT!  


LadyLUX said...

You know, I am watching it for the first time tonight as well. Twitter has been abuzz with Mad Men news for the past year or so (I could be mistaken), but I dismissed it because I thought it was on HBO (which I don't have), and I didn't want to commit to a new show. But after catching some previews on TV.... oh my! I must watch! Happy Mad-menning!

Anonymous said...