Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fashionalities Age Issue

Sophistication vs. grown up….who is to say that the new trend this fall, being polished, has to be so “Grown up/old?” for example VOGUES article that explored what "younger girls" thought of the new trend and how they felt that they were wearing their mothers clothes. I, a 25 year old woman am excited about once again being a lady…I think that the 20’s to the 50’s exemplified what a woman is, a lady…although we are strong, and can do many things these days, I think that there is nothing wrong with being a woman and stepping out of a pair of jeans and into a delightful dress or skirt set…we have beautiful figures that can be exemplified through a dress, or a skirt…or a high waisted pair of trousers…Glamour magazine features a spread called Clothes that say “Grow-UP”, I say that these are clothes that exude elegance, intrigue, and everything that a woman is, beautiful.

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