Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Great Expectations for the Fashionista Diaries

I see nothing but the best for this new show, Fashionista Diaries...although there are a lot of people to cover (6 assistants) and the show seems to go by rather quickly...I like the excitement that New York brings, the different styles each assistant has...and learning about the different careers in the fashion industry (and seeing what really happens in the REAL WORLD of the fashion industry)...I can truly relate...I think that this will be a show that we will all have parties for...themed that is...and discuss who should get fired, i.e. Nicole, or who needs to learn how to walk in heels, i.e. Rachel...all in all, I think that this show is going to ROCK!

Side note:

I love that barely anyone knows what Soap Network is...unless they are Soap Fans (which I am not)...I was telling everyone to watch today and no one knew what Soap Net was...well, if anything this show will take the Network to a higher level...good luck Soap Network!

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eye4style said...

I enjoyed the show last night. Is it just me or were the women at Seventh House PR absolute b*tches?