Monday, August 13, 2007

Fashion Sitings

With Fashion week on the verge, everyone must be getting antsy like me...another year not in the tents...I can't be too sad I guess, there are so many options to watch the shows now...I really can't complain...I can play dress up in every look I've got sit at my tv and take notes...ok, so the allure isn't there...but, at least we have the options, and here they are...whatever works for you...we have so many options...

As I had said last week, Elle is doing BIGGER and better things and revamping the magazine...I said that I look to for all of their great interactive fashion blogs, stories, shows etc. and now they will be featured on HSN starting August 18th, so get your Tivo's and DVR's ready to tape all of the inside shows all day long with nothing but fashion week and style tips from the greatest editors from ELLE:)

There is also: (You will have to get their NOTES for the Fall Season coming soon!) (With the Fug Girls Sharing their thoughts) (for what's going on behind the scenes and what is being whispered in the tents)

Who needs to go to the tents anymore??? Ok, we all want to still…but, at least now we have options to feel like we are right there in the front row…What other sites will people be watching?

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