Thursday, August 02, 2007

Never Confirmed-But-Always Shared

Nordstrom’s should be looking at Tucson for a new store opening…there are more than 1 million people now… Tucson, the next Phoenix…better weather…more room for growth…we'll see...with that should come more of a city life...but, that just may be a dream:) The next Mall of America, being looked at in Tucson, AZ...Phoenix to come: Barney’s and H&M... New York: Sources are still saying that Nordstrom’s is looking for a store front on 5th Ave…Currently, their main base is in Seattle, WA. It is being said that Lord & Taylor may downsize their well-known store on 5th Ave to have a condensed offering of clothing rather than everything under the sky...maybe Nordstrom's can buy the majority of what Lord & Taylor doesn't use... Who knows, none of these are confirmed...just hear say...but, you never know...some may come true...keep your ears open:)

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Clementine said...

I wonder if Lord and Taylor will really downsize their NY location?! I love that store, and lately they have the best stuff- I just read an article, in WWD I think, about their upcoming ad campaign- sounds like their making a lot of changes, and getting some great labels in their store!