Sunday, August 12, 2007

Introducing AZ Fashionalities

Coming soon, a blog all about the Life of AZ Fashionalities...There is nothing but Fashion in the State of AZ and people will be seeing that soon on my new site, AZ Fashionalities. Keep a look out for all things AZ Fashionalities has to offer...Here is a sneak peek into what AZ is doing with fashion events...on Friday night I attended a Fashion show like, yours truly Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. I didn't know what to expect, but I received above and beyond. Thank you AZ! I am excited for what is to come...For now, check out some of the Trend Images from Ladies in AZ...this just proves, they know what they are doing:)
Sleeve Detail
Legs, legs, legs (ladies in AZ are fit and ready to show it!)
LBD remixed with the right accessories
Red Trench Dress w/ Gucci Shoes w/ Grommet Detail, Simply Chic
High waisted Jeans, make any look complete
Mixed Media Animal Print
Finally, a pocket detail that will make any dress perfect to pose in...
Well, thank you ladies and keep a look out for more of AZ Fashionalities

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Cyn said...

Sorry I didn't get the pics to you sooner. Love the shots you did get. :)