Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am honored to be tagged by Lavish Magazine

And I will pass on the torch to seven others after sharing why I LOVE Lavish Magazine and some tidbits about me:) Lavish magazine is the spot to go to for culture, fashion, and entertainment news. There is no comparison to this online magazine, I can't wait till it goes to print so that I can collect each issue...it's that good...I truly LOVE the connection with fashion and historical black figures in history that have influenced style. It's a great history lesson that mixes with my favorite topic, FASHION:)

1. I am a military brat and have lived in over 7 places! The BIG one, I was born in Spain and both of my parents were born in Oregon, so there is nothing Spanish about me:) I am now a military wife, so I will keep on the journey for while longer.

2. I am black and white, I LOVE being mixed and I love meeting others who are mixed...it is starting to be such a mixed world out there...I can't wait to bring my black/white/Indian kids into the world...

3. I am a notebook nut! Everyone that knows me, knows I have a notebook---be it big or small in my handbag...and the Tiffany's pen my mom gave me when I graduated:)

4. I love to travel...I am waiting for my husband to take me to India, that will be a HUGE blog once I get to go...so, everyone will know!

5. I have to wear bronze and blush everyday...my favorites are bronze: Pout and blush: Orgasm by NARS.

6. I grew my hair out to my natural curls and now am trying to decide what to do next...I am bored and ready for something new...but, natural is always BEST...but, we shall see what I will share shortly...

7. I am addicted to the net and fashion...ahhh! I can't ever get off...but, I love to share and meet new people/fashionistas...sharing is caring...so, get on and chat...I love to talk, or answer fashion or career questions...

Now, passing on the torch, I tag other blogs, hope you enjoyed and check out these fave sites of mine: StyleITonline.com, Style Bubble, The Fashion Informer, www.rsvp-817.blogspot.com, www.shesgotclass.blogspot.com, http://www.whowhatweardaily.com/, http://nwsavvy.blogspot.com

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