Friday, June 08, 2012

Preggers Styling: rocking my new Avarcas shoes

My new summer staple that I'll be wearing forever! These Pons shoes ( are so comfy and make me feel like I'm walking the streets of Europe. I'm so glad I saw them on the Maegan blog and reacted. She said they ran big and was she right. I usually wear a size 8.5 shoe and in these I bought the 7!! And they fit perfect! I can't wait for them to get worn in...I think they'll be be better then. I also can't wait to wear them with a shift dress or cropped black pants and a tunic after I'm done being preggers:). These will stay a staple in my wardrobe. Oh, and the color is called saffron...I was going to get black, but when I saw this color they just spoke to me:)
P.S. next I'm getting these for the hubby and the kids! This will be a family affair:)

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