Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inspired by Halle Berry, The Easy, Breezy, Caftan

Must-have piece: The Caftan

Victoria s Secret victoria s secret dress, $60
Halle Berry | Custody Battle, $88
Brown Multi Jaipur Fringe Caftan - Caftans - Shop | Theodora & Callum, $195

When I saw this picture of Halle I LOVED her (what looks like) her natural curly hair and caftan!  It just looks so effortless and chic! I live in my caftans and it's funny how when you wear one everyone is complimenting.  But, all you've done is thrown on one of the easiest and most comfy pieces ever:)  And some fun flat sandals.  At night you can dress it up with some high heeled sandals. You don't need to be at a beach to rock this look!  It's a great summer look for anyone!
Snaps to Halle for her inspiration.  She is wearing Halle is wearing Michelle Jonas Travelwear’s butterfly kaftan.

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