Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pretty Powerful Bobbi Brown Giveaway

I'm excited to share an amazing giveaway with one of my favorite cosmetic lines, Bobbi Brown.  

How to win:
Share about someone that makes you feel pretty powerful.  It can be anyone from your mother, to another blogger etc.  You can even be more creative and talk about what makes you feel pretty powerful.  (red lipstick?  high heels?  the color green?  you choose.)
Enter by next Wednesday, October 19th with a comment and your email so I can contact the winner.

Here's my story:
Two people that have made me feel pretty powerful this year are my sister-in-law and my grand mother.  Both have been affected by breast cancer at different times in their lives.  My sister-in-law found out at 23 and has been so strong through the entire process and maintained her beauty with wigs and recently rocking her new short hair.  My grand mother was affected with breast cancer for the second time and has decided to dye her hair and add a few pieces for fullness in her hair.  Both women are still rocking their beauty through the hardest times and inspire me to make those little steps to showcase my beauty regardless of what is happening in my life.

What you can win: 
The Pretty Face Palette which includes an array of beautiful pink hues perfect for light and medium complexions.  It does exactly what I love to achieve, which is a natural, healthy look.  

Also enter to be Bobbi's Next Pretty Powerful Face.  She's on a nationwide search to find her next Pretty Powerful face.  Tell her your secrets to confidence and beauty and you could win a feature in her latest campaign, a trip to New York and a Pretty Powerful makeup lesson, plus up to $500 worth of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics...that's a lot!  How could you not want even just one of those wins!?:)  Enter here.

Another chance to win: Twitter Giveaway today (10/12): Who or what makes you feel pretty powerful? Respond to me, @fashionalities (follow me on twitter) use hashtag #prettypowerful.  Winner gets a pretty powerful palette! RT

The winner is Caytee!  Thanks all for entering! 


Amanda Allison said...

Red lipstick makes me feel #prettypowerful. Yes, it's a beautiful, strong color, but it's also so much more. My mom swears by red lipstick. She wears it everyday, be it at work or to play, because it makes her feel ready to conquer the world. My grandmas are also red lipstick fanatics. My abuela Beatriz was the queen of red lipstick -- and red nails, for that matter. In her last days on her death bed, she still stuck to her red lipstick and nail polish. Always fabulous, always in red.
I wear red lipstick to feel #prettypowerful, but I wear it mainly to honor my family.


Visualfashionist said...

Mascara is what I must wear to feel #prettypowerful.
Eyes are the most important part of my face to me, they need to be good all day, they can tell more then words often...


Caytee Seiber said...

This is going to sound crazy... but just being around my sister makes me feel powerful. Most times, I'm pretty much a wall flower but when she's around- watch out! She makes my feisty side come out. :) Now that she's moved away (5 hours!) I've taken to just telling myself, "confidence is key."

Thanks for having this giveaway! I love Bobbi Brown as most of her items have meanings behind them!