Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introducing my new favorite line: Boxing Kitten

I love the vintage feeling with a modern twist using ethnic prints.  This line speaks to me and I can't wait to own one-ok-more than one of the pieces!  Stay tuned for what I get:)
I can so see Solange Knowles (Actually, I think she might have already worn this line...checking old posts now to see if I'm right:) or Rihanna rocking this line!
*Update: It does look like Solange has rocked the line, see pics here.

Boxing Kitten feat. Davina from BBLB Studios on Vimeo.
-the colors
-the silhouettes
-the styling
-ok, I LOVE it ALL!

Boxing Kitten...need I say more?

Boxing Kitten — Miranda Long (Violet)
$45 -

Boxing Kitten — Gathered Strapless Dress (Birds)
$269 -

Boxing Kitten — Voom Pedal Pushers - 50% OFF
$63 -

Boxing Kitten — Sue Cutout Dress
$249 -

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