Friday, October 21, 2011

My spa week experience at Valley Ho SPA for Vitality + Health

I'm always excited when Spa Week rolls around.  I usually head out to Phoenix and send the word out to all of my Phoenix family and friends to get together and relax.  This Spa Week, I decided we had to go to a spa with the "entire package."  So, I made an appointment at Valley Ho SPA for Vitality + Health.  (I want to get all of the spa's in while I'm in Arizona.)   For ONLY $50 each service (Plus, gratuity is added onto service for amount of regular priced service.  So, my tip was $25 each service.), I had to get  a massage and a facial.
Tip: I read in ALLURE magazine that you should make sure to schedule your appointments accordingly.  A facial after the massage to avoid ruining the work done on the facial while laying down on the massage table.  Makes sense.  And, worked:)
The appeal:
I was excited about this location because of the 60's style hotel and that we would be able to use a sauna while at the spa.
Tip: I found out that if you are getting a facial, you should wait to do the sauna till after your service is completed so you can get the best reaction to the process during the facial.
The extras: Lockers to store your belongings, showers, all of the items you need to get yourself ready to go after your spa experience, tea, water.
Tip: Drink water after your massage to avoid dehydration.
The experience:  I had a lot of firsts at this spa experience to note.  I had my first male masseuse and my first ever time going commando!  I had no idea what to expect from each:)  I figured after having my daughter what's the difference going commando...I now know:)  full-on massage on your booty!  LOL!  Didn't know this...and can't be mad:)  And, I think from now on I'll be requesting a male masseuse!  It was like nothing I've ever experienced before.  When checking out the spa rep let me know that many women are afraid of having men massage them.  But, she said that the male massage therapists at their spa were amazing!  I totally agree!

We had the best time ever and give the spa a BIG 10!  Spa Week might be over, but the Valley Ho Spa has specials you can check out on their site.  Enjoy!

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