Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another reason I'm excited about ZARA being available online now.

...I can buy items I see on my favorite fashionistas!  All of these fashionistas know how to put their looks together without focusing on the label.  They might pair the ZARA items with designer pieces that are super expensive...but, you could never tell:)  Here are a few shots of the ladies rocking ZARA items.

Olivia Palermo-Olivia has a new site now and is guest designer for brands left and right.  I'm hoping for another reality show for her soon too.
Tracee wears this bag on Reed Between the Lines too.  I NEED to have this!!!

Her jacket is from ZARA.

Tracee Ellis Ross-***Also, check out her new show, Reed Between the Lines on BET where she is rocking a lot of ZARA pieces.  People are hoping for a collab with the actor and the label...lets cross our fingers!  I would settle for her designing a line too:)
The jacket is by ZARA.

This is Tracee on the set of Reed Between the Lines.  The top here is from ZARA.

June Ambrose-This is a stylist that you should follow on twitter (@juneambrose) for great finds that she scores at ZARA.  BTW-she will have a show starting in February on VH1, so stayed tuned!  It will be AMAZE!  She is now styling the contestants on X, watch and be inspired!
Pants are from ZARA.

The jacket is from ZARA.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this post !!

I love Zara, It is my second home. I'm glad they're online too now, because when I'm away at school in Providence (where zara doesn't exist) I can have all the goodies I want shipped to me <3

Oh & btw
I was watching Reed Between the Lines too & noticed all the Zara fashions Carla wears

I blog too
stop by some time