Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY idea for how to store your accessories from Martha Stewart

This is the smartest DIY idea from Martha ever!  I can't wait to take this to organize my unorganized jewelry that is just everywhere right now:)  No need to spend a lot of money!  I'll keep searching for an available video to post here...until then, here is the link.

Here are some of the tips provided on the website as well:

Cabinet hardware isn't just for cabinets: A new knob or pull can bring new life to all kinds of existing furniture and accessories around your home.
Kevin Sharkey, executive editorial director of decorating, shares ways to embellish items in your home with new hardware:
  • Dress up a bureau by removing the existing knobs and adding more contemporary new ones.
  • Add stylish knobs to decorative boxes as an ornamental detail.
  • Finial pulls can function as towel hangers when added to the edge of a counter or wall.
  • New knobs added along the sides of a mirror frame give you a handy new spots to hang handbags or scarves.
  • Turn a small cabinet into a jewelry organizer with knobs for hanging necklaces and pull-mounted boxes to serve as drawers for your accessories.

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