Saturday, January 15, 2011

My love affair with Michael Kors has begun

I am truly in love with my new Sicily (they are rose gold and tortoise trim) shades that have been selling out in AZ.(They were only $98!) I also saw another pair I'll be sharing in another post. But, the store had my heart pounding!!! I NEED the Hamilton tote in camel with gold trim. I also spotted really cute iPhone cases for only $58!! Needless to's not over with MK for me:)

I signed up for the catalog and can't wait to start getting it and be inspired! I think I need MK to have an app.


Tee said...

aaaw yall look so cute together. Love the MK shades. I have become a recent fan of MK too. Is that the dress from Imperfect Concepts you bought :)

Natasha Rao said...

Of course it's the amazing dress from Imperfect Concepts!!!:) I wore it to the baby shower I went to yesterday and everyone was LOVING it!!!

Tee said...

aaaww well u look great in it =) I am going find those MK shades