Friday, January 14, 2011

Beauty Find: Oprah's makeup artist, Reggie Wells new line, Hissyfit

I have to be honest besides Reggie Wells being Oprah's makeup artist, the only other thing that really made my eyes POP was the makeup lines case-it's my favorite, ROSE GOLD:)  I am truly addicted.  GENIUS choice for him and his marketing team:)  Besides that, I haven't seen the line in person, but I saw him working on "real people" on Rachael Ray today and got seems like everyone who touches Oprah is doing really well now...Her hair stylist is also now selling hair products too:)

The info:
From what I see on the site, there are 3 clockpot options: face (usually $65, but used promo code: RACHAEL and get it for $40) , eye (usually $60, but used promo code: RACHAEL and get it for $35)  and cheek (usually $60, but used promo code: RACHAEL and get it for $35).  The site offers directions for how to find the right color for your skin tone which seems pretty easy.

Tip (from Reggie Wells on Rachael Ray today):
For any of these, you can look at the colors like a clock...the colors you need for the time of day are 12, 3, 6, or, you are ready to go no matter where you are going!

I LOVE that he calls brushes 'Finger Feathers:).'

Here are more items from the line:

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