Monday, January 31, 2011

Options~Options: DIY or NOT the chiffon ballet flat inspired by J. Crew of course

I am in LOVE with the entire J. Crew spring line and although I wish I could afford EVERYTHING, it just won't happen.  So, I'm excited to share my DIY idea for the Pom-Pom ballet flats that are one of Jenna's pics (so of course they are FAB!!).  The made in Italy tag would look nice on my feet...but, I have to admit that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Old Navy ballet flats.  Anytime I stop someone to ask where their ballet's are from they always end up being Old, recently I have kept my eye peeled for cute styles and I've purchased 3!!!  And then, when I received my J. Crew catalog this weekend (it's always a HUGE deal when it comes in the mail--I LOVE the J. Crew catalogs) I decided I had to share my DIY project.

You can either buy chiffon flower shoe clips by for $25.  Plus, sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off.

Or, make your own chiffon flowers.  Here are the DIY directions I found.  I LOVE the color that J. Crew did with the snakeskin ballet flats.  You can buy white chiffon fabric and dye it with Rit Dye, I say the closest color is Yellow #41, they provide the directions for how to achieve this color on the Rit Dye site.  Here are the directions:
1/4 Tsp Pearl Grey *
1 Tbs Lemon Yellow
1 Cup Water

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