Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Payless keeps stepping up on their trend quality

Do you remember when it used to be "hush, hush" that you were buying shoes from Payless...kind of like how shopping at the thrift store used to be...But, not anymore...I am proud when I share my find...because I know I paid a great price and apparently the style is on point since someone is acknowledging it...Recently, I've been seeing a lot of styles outside of the designer collabs that I had to share.  Great styles, great prices and BOGO!  You can't get any better than this!

*Fioni is my new fave Payless brand!  I've mentioned them before because I have seen great styles at the swap party I go to and they usually resemble Prada looks to me:)  (I have another swap coming up in Feb and I can't wait to share my finds...I know they will be good!:)

I've been seeing versions of this peep toe everywhere...so, I'm not mad to find this at Payless for $35!

Who would have known that this is from Payless?!  I NEED these!!!

New line, Z London...I want them all!!!!  I don't want to put EVERY Z London style on here...so check them out...you are sure to like one of them and they are all great prices!

These are soo funky fresh!!  I need them for this spring!  I'll probably wear these over and over!

These remind me of some Steve Madden's I saw...but, for a fraction of the price...sparkle is always fun to add to any look:)

These are NO JOKE...I wouldnt' have even thought they were from Payless...I don't live in a cold climate...but, if I did...I would def rock these!

Boot by DEXTER.


Sef + Sariah said...

wow thanks for sharing! living in the cit y there's always places to find cheaper shoes than payless but these are great finds- i might have to get those dexter boots - those are hot!

Fashion FyoozD Culture said...

Love the nude shoes!!!! I agree gotta love BOGO, every girls dream