Thursday, May 06, 2010

Get the Scoop: Interview with one of the new stylists working with the LOFT

I alway think it is fun to learn more about the people working behind the scenes at my favorite stores.  I was lucky enough to have Kate Young answer some of my questions and I wanted to share a little insight into what she is all about.  For more inside info check out her bio for Ebay fashion.  And, catch more of what she loves at Refinery 29.

Since I am pregnant I think it would be fun to share with my readers your tips for staying fashionable while preggers.
I try to wear things that are tight fitting where my body is still small!  I also tend to dress in darker colors and wear smaller accessories - and REALLY high heels!
What inspires you?
My husband and my friends mostly.  I also love blogs - I read tons of fashion and design blogs every day.  (Waiting to see if I can find out some of the blogs she loves to read:)  
What is your must-have item from the LOFT right now?  and for fall?
I love the cardigan with the grosgrain trim and I really love the polka dot ruffle top for fall. (She is wearing both pieces above and they will be in stores this fall.)
What is your style tip for fashionista's to say au' currant? 
Find your look - the style, color and proportion that suits you and then just add a few things every season to keep your look relevant.

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