Thursday, May 27, 2010

COACH is taking off! Get them (the it-bags) while they are still around!

I have had two fab experiences with COACH this week...and I want both now!

Lexus RX 350
The interior is all done by COACH leather!

4 bloggers have done new COACH handbag designs and I want a few of them!  The scoop: there is a limited quantity of bags (I heard 200 each) and they will be sold exclusively online (except for the event at the New York store in June).  Get them while they are HOT!  On sale now!

This is my TOP PICK bag!  I can't believe that this bag (and all of the other blogger bags) has limited quantities available...which is ONLY 200~!  Plus, this is Emily Satchel for $500!!!  What to do?  I have to have it though...we shall see...

I thought I wanted the Kelly Drawstring Pouch...but, the Kelly ($395) is more classic and versatile I think...

Then, there's Karla's clutch ($398)...

And, if you are lucky and in NYC...I would LOVE for you to attend this event where you will meet the designers behind all of the bags!  I WISH!!!!!

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