Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For those that missed Patricia Fields (the costume designer of SATC) live discussion on Payless' Facebook page...

...here are some highlights from the question and answer session on May 19th.  Sadly, I can't upload the video replies from Patricia Fields herself, but check out the videos on the Payless facebook page (scroll down to the posts on May 19th).  These are great tips to take from Patricia on dressing for the big day, May 27th when we will all be attending the showing of SATC2!

Here are some of the questions:

Q: How do you mix colors and textures and have it all look unplanned, yet so chic!?
A: I think the best part of dressing is the mixing of textures, styles and moods. You get a chic result when you create a narrative and you create a narrative with many different words. That means many different textures, colors and moods!

Q:  What tips can you give us cuvry, fuller figured fashionista. Love fashion, but sometimes it difficult to translate styles or trends in bigger sizes.
A:  For me there is nothing wrong with a fuller figure, as long as that figure is toned, strong and stands up straight. You can be as full as you want...you will always look great in clothing. Take Jennifer Hudson for example...I dressed her for the first SATC movie and it was a pleasure. As long as the clothes were her size, she carried it off. Because, why? Her body said strong!

Q:  What is the must have beach accessory for the summer?
A:  I don't know about a "must," but a great accessory is a light weight tote style bag that will hold many things and not be heavy on its own accord.

Hopefully they do this again...so stay tuned...and until then, check out the past posts on facebook.

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