Saturday, May 01, 2010

Preggers Pause: Au' Natural products for your body

Since becoming preggers I have become more "aware" of what I am putting on the inside and outside of my body and I have decided that I shouldn't just be doing this because I am preggers, but because it is what is best for my health.  With that in mind, I wanted to share the many body products that I have been using since preggers and that I plan on using after...(so this is relevant to all of my fashionista readers regardless:) I feel like taking care of the body is the best accessory to any wardrobe so take heed.

I am actually an affiliate with this company and have to say that I am in LOVE!  All of the products I have used are au' natural (where you know exactly what's in it!) and feel like they were just made when they get delivered to my door.
I have used:
Rose Geranium Cleanser for  my face since right now it has been soo sensitive.  I use it twice a day and it works wonders.  I love the rose scent as well:)
During the end of my first trimester while I was visiting family in Portland, Oregon I noticed that my body was starting to really dry out and I thought it was due to the stretching and would lead to stretch marks (GASP) but, I shared my frantic pleas on facebook and friends told me to try a body exfoliator and so I tried, the Almond Joy Body Scrub and not only does it smell yummy but all my dryness is gone:)  Thank goodness!


Now, the dryness on my body didn't just disappear with the scrub...I also use an almond oil on my body twice a day.  I found one at my local organic grocery store called, Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil.

For my face, I read about Egyptian Magic from a book called, Bump It Up...which I will be sharing all the great tips soon!  But, I don't know how I LIVED without this before!  I went to a facial a couple of weeks ago and the lady remarked on my combo skin which I get REALLY dry from May to October in Arizona...but, this seems to take all that dryness away!  *FYI--really crazy Urban Outfitters sells this!

I haven't used this yet...but, I ready about and will try very soon, Coconut Oil which you can use as a body can also cook with this!:)  

I am also really into home remedies for beauty right now and have been trying things like honey for a natural mask to combat my preggers breakouts!  I just bought the book, Passport to Beauty that explores the many ways women across the world maintain their natural beauty with products at home.  I will be sharing ideas from the book soon!

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