Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Smartest Gift Idea Yet

I hadn't heard about this since today and I have already read about it twice-once on Who What Wear Daily and second on Budget Fashionista's on, the thing to get, a year-long Startbucks Gold Card for only $25!!!!!!!!  People are always buying people gift cards, but this is even grander! Instead of a person only getting 1-5 cups from what you give them, they can get 10% off on most purchases, the person who purchases a membership get a free drink that day, then, on your b-day you get a free drink and get exclusive offers and discounts through the year.  I think I will just have to get this for myself:)hahahaha!  My hubby may have the Gold AMEX, but I am going to have the real gold card:)

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