Monday, December 08, 2008

Accessible Designer Wear---Some Say These Pieces Are Let Downs...I KNOW We Have A Lot to Look Forward To!

Not only am I excited to finally purchase a Matthew Williamson item through the H&M collab this spring (April 2009-jot this down in your 2009 agenda...worth noting) since H&M will finally be in AZ, but, I am also excited about the new accessories/handbag line by Hayden-Hartnett beginning December 28th...I am gushing over a couple of the styles, I certainly won't be waiting for pieces to go on sale:)
I have always gushed over the colors that Matthew Williamson uses in his collection and sulked at the price tag when I was in LA thinking I could get something...I know he will not let us down...and I will be in line for pieces at the AZ that I think about, it...I hope we get the collection...I will have to travel to get something if we don't:)

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