Thursday, December 11, 2008

Online Sale Craze

After the haunt of Black Friday in Malls and local boutiques, online has taken over with every type of sale you can think's interesting that now Friends and Family sales that used to be pretty exclusive are now sent out to EVERYONE...if you are on a mailing list then you are, every site seems to have a sale every week that is supposed to end at the end of the week, but don't be fooled, the next week there will be something new...there is really a fall in the economy, things are being given away for free...or maybe, the prices were always so hiked and now they are coming back down to reality.  I love all of the enticing prices, but it's just very interesting to watch.  So, to stay in the loop, create an email you don't care about being inundated with emails with and sign up for all of your fave stores and watch for the right sale and voila, you get a great steal!

A couple of really great sales to check out:
Lauren Conrad: The prices were crazy high in the first place and now a lot of the pieces are at least 50% off!
Net-a-porter: They are always looking out for their customers...even though everything is very luxury on the site, they still allow sales which I, take advantage of the Sale Extravaganza while new items are added.
Kate Spade: Is having fun sharing the discount bug...but, there is no lacking in the cute designs that they have....
Plus every department store like Saks, Neimans, and Macy's are having HUGE sales!  The inside story in LA is that Saks was on a red-mark down style sale so early that Neimans was like what are we going to, everyone is competing for business...interesting idea.

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