Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wal-Mart Wonders

Not only is Wal-Mart one of the only places right now that is not losing money, but they actually have some new brands that are worth checking out.  I recently found some really great riding trousers that are perfect for only $5.  
The two new designers to check out at Wal-Mart:
I love this bag...such a classic could use this for a very long time.
This is terrible...but, I am already planning my attack...I am going to wait till this goes on sale and buy two...why, might you ask???  Well, one to wear as is and add some new buttons and a fab lining and the next, to make into a dress like Joe Zee recommends to do in this months ELLE:)  Genius! 
I need this belt right now!  For $12 and looking so perfect, this is a must-have for me!Fun neckline...makes a basic cardigan updated and keeps your neck warm while doing it:)This is AMAZING!  I think I will just need everything in this blog actually:)I love the neckline on this and the color is perfect.This is a great way to update your tee drawers...keep it from being to basic and still be oh so comfy!

A trendier version of the trench....
Buy any of these pieces and wear them with BCBG or BCBG girls shoes and you are good to go!
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fantastic said...

i love target, but i always have a bit of a harder time finding things at walmart. i guess to be honest i feel a little guilty shopping there :( you always feature cute things from there though, so i'm wondering if your store has more options?