Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WWD News to Know

It's funny, I have honestly started hearing people talking about Dr. Marten's again, but I thought nothing of it...yeah, I used to rock the boots back when I was in middle school when we used to get them from a Dr. Marten's store in downtown Portland, but I honestly never thought the style would come back...we shall see what the reemergence of the brand brings...this must mean 90's styling is right around the corner.

Did anyone else wonder who would take over the retail space for all of the Mervyn's that will be closing?  Well, the answer...the ever expanding and newly improved Forever 21 and Kohl's...which I still mean to stop by and see:)

This NY based tax piece was all too interesting to only give a summary:
"Albany, NY – Gov. David A. Paterson is suggesting an additional sales tax of 5 percent on luxury goods such as  jewelry and furs costing over $20,000 as one of 181 tax increase proposals  in order to balance the state’s 2009-10 budget deficit.   The Governor also is proposing the elimination of the sales tax exemption on clothing and footwear priced under $110, but would replace it with two, one week exemption periods on clothing and footwear priced under $500. Localities would have the option to join the state in offering the exemption."