Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project Runway Surprise

Doesn't this model look familiar??? Funny how fashion connects:) America's Next Top Model, and Project Runway...from 2005:)
This is from when I was introduced to the team...I don't even remember how we met...but, they were never too busy to email or meet up...

My mouth DROPPED as I started watching the Premiere Episode of Project Runway. Carmen Webber is the designer of Sistah's Harlem New York, one of the first designers I have ever worked with...she is AMAZING to work with I have to say...she has a vast background in the fashion industry, not only designing, styling, and modeling...but, she has traveled the world and attacks creativity to another level! I hope she wins and I can't wait for people to see her AMAZING designs! She has a book out right now, "T-Shirt Makeovers." Check it out to see how she began remixing recycled,vintage pieces...I still have many of the pieces I had bought through the years...I even styled with one of their items for an up-and-coming artist...well, now everyone know who I want to win:) Go CARMEN!

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