Sunday, September 16, 2007

You Know you Want It!: Saks Share's All

Saks Loves Sharing their Fashion take a look online...a just added feature to the site that I think is just right for them right now...Saks esteemed women's fashion director, Michael Fink shares his thoughts on what he thinks you will Want next fall. Here are a few that I am taking note of...

Evening Shorts and Flowers from Carolina Herrera
Skinny belts are back
They are still trying to do my favorite trend, long and lean...come on girls, high waisted pieces go beyond your mothers closet...these are a great way to accent your waist!
Mid-Calf length skirts are back..and I think they will be great...although, I feel like a lot of women think the length does not compliment their never know unless you try...maybe pair the skirt with wedges, high heels, or even try flats if you have longer legs.

More of my fashion thoughts on Fall 2007 Trends and the new Spring 2008 Trends from the runway!

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