Monday, September 17, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I should have written this long before New York Fashion Week/Spring 2008...but, nonetheless, I have to share...My two favorite daily sites, and have had some Spring Cleaning done to the site with a fabulous new makeover (even though Spring is over...there is still room for change...associated with the Spring 2008 fashion week of course:)...And it looks like each site had the same stylist...The grey caught my eye for the font as well as the feeling that you are looking at someones notes to themselves...or a notebook with the writers scribbles to their self. Fashion Week Daily has added videos on the homepage...You can enjoy each while on trips with the Daily Candy book and the monthly Fashion Week Daily that you can buy at Barnes Noble (which is small and can fit in your purse) and the free issue that is given out during fashion week outside of the tents for free (that is huge, so you can be noticed and get a photo taken of you).

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