Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oprah Knows Best

After seeing the ads for Simply Vera in my September issues, reading the article about Vera Wang's daughters thoughts on the their mothers new line at Kohl's in Teen Vogue and then seeing the commercial...I knew that I had to go to Kohl's (where I have never really shopped) and check out the line...But, after seeing Oprah's episode on the new line by Vera Wang called Simply Vera, I have to go...not only is everything a great price, the quality looks AMAZING and the styling is there of course, it is Vera...But, I took some notes during the show that I had to share from Vera.

Everything on the line can be dressed up or down...and the styling says Vera so much, but the pieces individually can speak to so many people.

The Oprah show on Friday also had a segment on how Vera dresses and what her closet looked like...I loved that...I am trying to find it...if I do, I will share the segment. Check out more pictures of the clothes from Simply Vera by selecting the title above.

Style your sweaters/Cardigans now by:
-Adding a broach to the openings at the top as a closure instead of using the buttons
-Wear the cardigan over a long sleeve blouse and scrunch up the cardigan to your elbow, but keep the blouse sleeve long
-A new category to consider, "dressy day". You shouldn't just dress up at night.

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Anonymous said...

Another post about a place you'd DARE to go into now that you've never shopped in before.. Kohl's.... we aren't all born with silver spoons in our mouths.