Sunday, September 23, 2007


I totally agree with Harper's Bazaar's stance on being against counterfeit handbags and such...but, is it wrong to have look-a-likes? For someone like me who LOVES the real thing...but, can't always afford it...I have to consider something similar...that is why I can do some of the "look-a-likes"...but, some of them aren't even a consideration...see below.

Right now I am eyeing:

First, I have never shopped at, previously known as Lerner New York, but, this handbag is AMAZING and only $44.99 and is leather...The handbag reminds me of the Chloe handbag that is featured in all of the Fall ads...of course there are the differences...but, it is close enough.

Then, there is Chloe's rendition on the bag:

Second, I have been longing for the Prada shoes that I see in almost every high-fashion magazine spread...that I of course can't afford and am no longer in New York to frequent the fabulous sample sales. But, Nine West, which I haven't shopped at in years has helped us fashionista's experience a fab trend from the runway on a dime, well $79, which isn't bad considering Prada's would be much more.:

Now, there are some I would not even consider,i.e. reinventing, or shall I say sadly trying to knock off an original that can not be replaced, the ballet flat by Tory Burch...don't try this, it just looks tacky. Yes, one is $195 and the other is on sale for only $16.19...but, there is just nothing like the original on this one...just buy a basic ballet if it comes down to it...


Anonymous said...

i guess i find your disclaimers offensive... on one had you're giving alternatives and in the same breath you state that you've never touched the though the brand is beneath you. if that's the case...then why even blog about brands like Nine West and Lerner.

fantastic said...

i understand what you're saying, and don't find it offensive. you have to make do when it comes to jumping on all of the latest--i appreciate this article!