Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rose Crush

It's official...I'm addicted to all things rose.  At first it was a few rose fragrance products here and there...then, it was rose gold (EVERYTHING) and then, it was rose hued clothing...I'm in deep...so, I figured I'd share all things rose that I love.

I feel like anyone can rock the rose scent.  It's a nice light feminine fragrance that nothing can compare with.  I use everything from a body oil and rose water (I read somewhere that there is no need to spend big bucks on rose water...it's all the same:) to my new Weleda facial products I've been trying out and LOVE!  I found a trial set to test it out for only $14.99, but I'm going to have to invest in the actual full product because I really love it...so, I'm going to go for the cleansing milk (I keep hearing that is the way to wash your face now) and the Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion.
*Fun DIY I got from the Martha Stewart show: Use roses in hot water for steaming your face.  This is good for sensitive skin...but, I think anyone can do it...I know I will:) 

Rose Gold:
Can we just say genius?  This metal just looks amazing on anyone with tanned skin!  I'm getting my second wedding ring this way and can't way...it will take wearing my wedding ring everyday to a whole other level:)  I love how Rachel Roy says that mixing metals shows you are daring...makes me feel even more empowered to have it be my wedding ring and mix it with other jewelry I want to wear. 
Even though I really do pile on the rose gold...it's just worth it!  But, it all started with my rose gold watch...I never even wore watches and I had to have the Michael Kors watch and wear it as a bracelet basically:)  It's so funny, because now every brand/designer has a rose gold watch offered...and, now Michael Kors has incorporated the rose gold metal into other jewelry options  like rings and bracelets.  LOVE!

The clothes:
Sadly, my blazer is from H&M last year...but, in the March 2012 issue of Bazaar on page 72, you can find an assortment of rose tinted items.  Stylists tip from Bazaar: "Head-to-toe hues are best in streamlined silhouettes."

I just love how they styled this rose blouse with black pants and a black and animal print jacket...great styling inspiration:

Here are some rose items to check out:

*ASOS Skinny Jeans in Soft Rose, $63

*Gryphon Goa Pullover, $390 

*Gap Slim Dolman Top, $25

*West Coast Wardrobe Signature Blouse in Dusty Rose, $60

*Creamy Rose One Button Blazer, $535

*See By Chloe Sneaker Wedge in Light Rose, $375

*See By Chloe Lace Leather Sandals in Light Rose, $250 

How are you be rocking rose in your life?

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