Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fashion programs to have on your DVR for the new year

It's the new year...what will you be watching?  Here are a few fashion forward options:)

Happy New Year!!


GOSSIP GIRL: We have to wait till 1/16...but, it's worth the wait, right?  So, much drama + lots of fab styling by Eric Daman.  Can't wait!

It's a Brad Brad World...it's here now...are you watching?  I'm about to watch the first episode now:)

Project Runway All Stars: I can't wait for Isaac Mizrahi!!  Get ready for the drama:)

Juniverse, June Ambrose on VH1: I LOVE her styling and can't wait to see her on TV finally!  I've been saying she needed a show since I started following her post on twitter (@juneambrose) and youtube!  Follow her on youtube (juneambrose65) until her show starts.

Jane by Design: Might be a kids show...but, it's caught my attention...let's see how it is...

Pretty Little Liars: Ok, another abc family show...they are cute and have really great styling...what can I say?  I'm hooked:)

24 Hour Catwalk with Alexa Chung...I haven't heard the best reviews on this...I think we are all still sad that she didn't end up doing that vintage show on PBS...hopefully they bring it back...we shall see...

Any fashion programs that I'm missing??  Let me know.


ShandyLand said...

I am so excited to see June Ambrose's show and I hadn't heard of 24 Hour Catwalk, that sounds awesome! I'll definitely have to tune in. Thanks for the list!

Maggie ☮ said...

I love most of these shows! I was really looking forward to Jane by Design. It does seem to be for the younger generation but I think it will be interesting. I Love its a a Brad Brad world and I'm glued to Pretty Little liars on hulu so Happy its back <3 Thanks for sharing =]