Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tips on Taking Your Own Measurements for amazing custom dresses like the one I had made by Royal Jelly Harlem

I was beyond excited when the designer of Royal Jelly Harlem offered me a custom made dress from her line...but, wasn't sure how to take one of my measurements she needed. I found a how to on youtube that was all wrong and decided I would share a good one in case anyone decides to purchase their very own Royal Jelly Harlem piece.:)
You can definitely go to a seamstress in your town. If you do, where a tank and leggings so it's as close to your skin as you can feel comfortable doing. Or, if you are in New York, make an appointment with Maya, the designer. But, if you are like moi with a little lady who won't sit still...sometimes you just need to do things by yourself:) And here is how to do it.
And, to prove I did a good job on my measurements, the dress fits like a glove!

P.S.  Another exciting thing about having a dress custom made...choosing the fabric!  Here the options I had for this dress:

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Maya said...

It's truly stunning on you! Natasha you chose the perfect print too! :) <3