Thursday, January 05, 2012

How to get the Alexander Wang Fabiana High Heel Sandals for less...well, kind of...with a bit of a DIY twist

I had decided to scan through the shoe section on Charlotte Russe the other day to see what designer look-a-likes I could find and found something close to an Alexander Wang shoe I've been lusting after for a while...the metallic shoes are GENIUS and I would LOVE to own a pair...but, since I doubt that will be happening I figure a look-a-like could be fun.

Alexander Wang Fabiana High Heel Sandals
The look-a-like:
Charlotte Russe
*The shoe also comes in silver and a metallic blue...I just LOVE rose gold:)  I know it's not the perfect match...but for $33 it's close:)  Has anyone seen anything closer?

Update: Here is another closer version of the Alexander Wang shoe from our friends at Collage Boutique!

Now, for the DIY:
I'm not sure exactly what you need to do...I'd guess that you'd need a metallic/rose gold or silver fabric and glue it to the back.  Is it that easy?  Has anyone else seen it done.  I think that Honestly WTF will be doing a, let's stay tuned:)

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alicia8jl said...

The Tessa Heel from Alloy comes in both black and silver, and they also have a nude version. It pretty much sums up the look of Wang's Fabiana heel, without the little cape around the heel. I would wear it without the cape, although if I had the chance to wear the originals, I'd wear the cape everywhere. :)