Friday, January 06, 2012

Guest Post: New Year, New You, & a New Wardrobe at the Fraction of the cost

Thank you to Tasha Robinson from Imperfect Concepts for her expertise on the matter of shopping for clothes at a thrift store.  I LOVE shopping her online store, Imperfect Concepts bargain designer items and unique vintage finds.  Plus, I love following her on twitter @imperfectconcept and asking her questions about other items I'm searching for...she has a great eye and is on top of all levels of fashion.

2011 has come and gone and now you’re embarking on new levels of success in 2012 but you feel that your wardrobe is still reeking college graduate or unemployed chic.  The budget you thought you had is three times smaller than you would like so you don’t know where to start on your path for a new wardrobe to go with the new you.  Simple, your local thrift store.  See, you don’t need more than $30 and you can build a nice staple of pieces to go with your already existent wardrobe.
First, survey the pieces in your closet and see which ones are out dated. If out dated or no longer fit donate to your local women’s shelter or church to a person in need.  Now see what you need to build a wardrobe of staples and alternatives.  Nina Gracia’s The One Hundred is a great to help you with key pieces but the rule of thumb is women should have these 10 key items (Crisp white button down top, trench coat, ballet flats, 1 pair of skinny jeans, 1 jean you prefer, black purse, leopard scarf, cashmere sweater, black blazer & classic Little Black Dress) here is a link to a Wendy’s Look Book she explains all the pieces.
Now onto the fun part, you have your list and you know what you need in your closet.  Google all the thrift or vintage boutiques in your town then find the ones in the ritzy neighborhoods.  People tend to donate closer to their home.  I will say when shopping you MUST have an open mind to the garments you will find.  Yes, you need a black purse and ballet flats but we are not pigeon holding you to a particular style of either.  If you see some pointy toe classic flats grab them if they fit your style aesthetic.   Furthermore, look for other items that you can use later on.  If you are a lover of dresses search the dresses section for ones you might like and can get alter to fit you and your needs.  Also make sure to search the children’s section for great blazers and scarves.  My favorite Brooks Brothers white button down is actually from the men’s section of a local thrift store.  To get more bang for your buck call ahead to see the deals the store might offer.  Hey, we know the prices are already pretty darn cheap but what person doesn’t love additional off savings.
All in all, building a new wardrobe at the fraction of the cost can be quite fun when shopping your local thrift store.  From finding vintage KISS t-shirts to scoring Lanvin flats every piece is unique and new to you.  Keep your eyes open when your shopping and the store is your play ground.


Priscilla said...

Great post, Tasha! Very helpful tips. I always forget to visit the thrift shops in the ritzier neighborhoods. I'm headed to Google right now! Going thrifting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll find some great pieces.


La Femme Tres Chic said...

Omg all this time and I did not know you had a blog. I'm following you now.