Monday, September 26, 2011

The search for Tamera Mowry's red dress seen on the Style Network's Show, Tia & Tamera

I've had fun watching the show because I can relate to both Tia & Tamera being married for five years now and having my first child.  But, I'm surprised to actually be liking a lot of Tamera's clothing choices.  One item, the red and white dress, I fell in love with and tried asking Tamera on twitter who the dress was by with no response.  So, I kept looking but found nothing.  Then, while watching the first episode of the New Girl I luckily spotted the dress again and thank GOODNESS asked the Possessionista and she had the answer!  The dress is by's old, but it is on eBay (It's been on so many shows that the price is kind of high for resale...).  Sadly, I couldn't find any videos or photos of her wearing the dress, but she wore it twice on two different episodes.

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