Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Missoni must-haves from Target'

Here's what is on my list for the BIG day September 13th...by the way, I plan on shopping online:)  And, I am now searching for Target gift card giveaways...hoping I win at least one:)
Loving the headband!

Going to get the cardi!  Will be great with so many things!  Love the color!
I love the colors in the scarf in the top left!

I have to have at least one pair...and more when they go on sale if they are still available in store:)

Trying to decide which to get:)

1 clip at least!

Bobbi pins for me and Sahara:)
*I'm thinking I'm going to watch for the Men's Missoni in Tucson because I really don't see the men running to buy everything here:)  Scarves and hats please...even considering the shawl collar sweater for hubby and moi:)
I'm also getting at least 1 accent pillow and a towel.  Oh, and of course I need to get little Sahara something!
I actually don't feel like my choices are that bad considering how much is available...just have to stay focused...

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Tee said...

I really just want the ballet flats and thats about it. Might look at the shawl you were talking about.