Monday, September 12, 2011

Another reason to fall in LOVE with the Canadian brand: Aritzia, can you say Layaway Please?

I fell in love with this brand on my trip to Portland and have been wanting a jacket I spotted while there and can't stop thinking about.
Recently, I called to see if the jacket had gone on sale and found out that the brand only has sales twice a year...interesting I thought...since the price has changed since day one on the item...I am still kicking myself since the price was $100 cheaper when I first spotted the item! Oh well, my loss...but, here is the good news!
After hearing that the brand only has sales twice a year...I was a little sad...but, when the manager started letting me know that the company has a layaway program I was all ears! She said people only think of Kmart when you hear layaway (actually I think of TJ Maxx too:). But, that in Canada, she thinks they have a better credit standing as a country because they only buy what they can pay for...and with this payment method you don't have to slap what you want on a credit card. She said she's had girls come in and shop like crazy and get everything for a season and put it on hold. Technically, the hold is only supposed to be for a month...but, she told me she's done longer to help someone out...Not bad, hugh? I'm so thinking of paying this way...So I don't use all of my allowance at once:) Yes, my hubby and I have an allowance for every two weeks we get gives us money to play with while still saving for our future and our daughters future:) The best of both worlds:)

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