Monday, April 04, 2011

Summer Wedge by Baby Phat

I was excited when the folks at Lucky magazine contacted me to let me know I was one of the Alpha Shoppers chosen to test out a new shoe from the Baby Phat line called, "Paula".  I knew from watching Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane that Kimora was so longer affiliated with the brand which made me would the line do without her?
Well, the shoes that were sent to me were in ads in every magazine in March, so I knew what was coming and started brainstorming what I would pair the wedges with...When I received the package in the mail I opened to find wedges that are a little too large for mommy style now so I was stumped for where to wear them.  I ended up bringing the shoes to a birthday party for my brother in law.  I wore the shoes for the pictures and then had to take them off.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE high, high heels...and the shoes styling is perfect for this season with the 70's trend alive...but, at this time in my life and can't rock heels that high...even if they are wedges.  But, I do appreciate the styling of the shoe.  I think I like the brown I saw in the ads more and after checking out the site, I think I also like the gray and tan.  I don't know if I would have chosen the black first, but, they looked good on with the dress.  Another great thing is the shoe is now on sale for $49.99 from $69.

Here are the questions Lucky magazine and Baby Phat wanted me to answer:

1.  Are these shoes versatile enough to take you from day to night? 

Before I was a mommy I would say definitely.  But, now...I need something a little easier to get around with a 7 month old.

2.  Paula Shoe 3 ways: Describe 3 looks these shoes would work well with.

 I liked pairing the wedge with a summer dress to mix it up, but here are three other ways to rock it:
1.  Jeans, lace/crochet top and gold bangles.
2.  Maxi dress (on my list to go with everything this spring!:).
3.  Cropped pants, Tokyo top by Elizabeth and James, and Gold Hoops.

3.   Where would you wear these shoes? (i.e., brunch with the girls, clubbing at night, weekend at the beach, etc.)

I would wear these everywhere!
Evening events where baby is sleeping:)

4.  If you didn’t know these were from Baby Phat, what brand would you think made them? Have these shoes changed your perception of the brand? For better or worse?

I think I would have thought that they were Aldo if I hadn't known they were Baby Phat.  The shoes make me want to see what's coming next.  I hadn't really looked at the brand in a while because they seemed to just be a logo brand.  I really appreciate that there is no sign of the logo on the shoes.

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