Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make credit/money from what you've got to shop for more!

I am always hearing people I know say that they are just throwing away or donating (which is still a good thing) their items without even TRYING to sell anything and I decided I had to share a post for where people should consider to make some money or credit.

For anyone who knows me.  You know that I am one who definitely LOVES the word FREE!  My PowPow always told me nothing in life was free...but, I think I've found a way to make sure I can say not anything...Well, since I LOVE to shop, but know I shouldn't do it as much as I'd like to (which would be everyday) I have found a way to make myself feel fulfilled in the shopping department from everything from clothes to magazines and books.  My motto is to try a few places in case some don't buy what you've got...then, at the end take things to a swap party and finally, donate.  It still ends up helping someone in the end so it's a win, win situation.  Here are a few places you can try.

Bookmans: This is only in Arizona, but they buy electronics as long as you have the remote/all the pieces to ensure it works.
Best Buy: I just learned from the Nate Berkus show today that Best Buy offers potential store credit for used electronics.  The program is kind of odd though.  You have to pay to recycle and then you receive credit it doesn't really make sense to me.
Sears: I had heard that Sears also offers a recycling program where you can receive store credit for items you donate, but it's only online.

Plato's Closet:  Looks like this store is all over the country and quickly expanding...I need to go into a store to see how it it looks pretty cool...we shall see:)
Buffalo Exchange:  I've LOVED Buffalo Exchange forever!  I used to go while in college and I was so excited when they finally made it to NY (I couldn't believe there wasn't one there long ago:).  The one amazing thing about Tucson when I moved here was that this is where it all started.  There is actually an outlet for Buffalo here that I still haven't been to...will have to do soon and share!  And, don't miss out on the Dollar Day Sale on 4/16 at all locations.
New stores opening:
Tucson on 6th Ave. in late April.
First Santa Monica location on April 30.
Beacons Closet: This store is only in New York, but it looks like you can shop online which is kind of exciting.
Bookmans: Once again, this is only in Arizona...but, they do accept clothes and accessorize.
*The take away here is that there are many options.  Locally, there area always small shops that do resale as well.  The tip is to become friends with the person who buys...building a relationship lets them see your style when you drop off which pulls them in of course to be interested in purchasing what you have.  So, always dress reflective of what you have when you drop off.

Books and magazines:
If you have as many fashion magazines and books as I do...these are the best ways to recycle and get more at a lower price.  I usually get the publications I'm not subscribed to at these places.  The magazines they don't purchase I donate to fashion schools.
Bookmans: In AZ only, but search locally for book/magazine resale stores.
Powells: This is in Portland, but allows you to sell books online!

Thrift store trick:
SAVERS: Donate items and receive a gift certificate/discount for future purchases at thrift store.

If you can't get to stores etc.  Check out options online:
I-ELLA: Is a new site where you can exchange clothes/accessories with friends and family or sell!  It's AMAZING!  Use code: FASHIONALITIES to test it out today!

You might think it takes too much time, but using Etsy or eBay ensures that you get 100% of the profit.

******OMG!  Everyone needs this!  I recycle all the time!  Look up about and get coupons and gift cards for your recycling!  

*Shop on to get free stuff...guy on Nate Berkus says it's like "Free"bay.

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