Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Spiegel email that caught my attention

I don't check my Spiegel emails everyday...or really visit the site that much.  But, when I read that a celeb stylist was doing something with the brand my interest was peaked and I decided to check it out.  I actually liked four of the items (the necklace, the gray jacket, gray shoes and white handbag:) in the email blast and then noticed that the brand offers a magazine on their site too.  The magazine didn't really do much for me honestly...I doubt I'll be checking every week or anything...but, I think they have some good pieces if you search which like almost anywhere you, why not?  Plus, if you sign up for email updates you get 15% off.
Insider's Info:
I used to work at a catalog and we always found inspiration from what was out there from designer clothing to popular brands or department store catalogs that were on trend.  So, you never know, you just might find something similar to what you had your eye on here...

The necklace reminds me of the Lanvin for H&M necklace my style icon, Tracee Ellis Ross rocked last month.  (image from and Getty Images)

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Mina NYC said...

I Love the red necklace!
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