Friday, April 15, 2011

My new shopping secret: Shopping the childrens section for my accessories

Since having my daughter I've started noticing great items in the children's section at great prices!  Nordstrom, Crew Cuts and Gap Kids are my goldmines:)

I've wanted to buy a sweater from Crew Cuts, but since there were no returns and I wasn't sure on the size I let it go...

But, I have bought a gorge headband at Nordstrom for less than $10 and spotted watches, handbags and jewelry I would buy too!

Gap Kids also has great watches and jewelry.

Plus, I was just reading on the J. Crew tumblr page that the ladies that work at J. Crew also but the boys Crew Cuts blazers!  Proves my point!  Women don't just need to shop the adults section...check out the kids too:)  Great deals...and actually a lot of really cute styles!

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