Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Guest Style Ideas from Net-a-Porter & a Royal Wedding Giveaway your won't want to miss!

As I plan for what I will wear for the final wedding I will attend this spring (next month).  I'm excited to get tips from all of the Royal Wedding inspirations everywhere.  My recent inspiration, the Net-a-Porter email I received this weekend.  I'm actually taking inspiration beyond the wedding I'm attending and using these tips for this spring in general:)
Since I'm in LOVE with rose gold I was partial to the styling tip from Net-a-Porter: pair with a vibrant print dress.  Previously, I had only considered solids so this seemed very new and refreshing.  And, going with the vibrant color factor, Net-a-Porter gives an amazing styling combo by boosting the expected pastel to another level by pairing it with a pop of neon!  Genius!!!  
Here is where you can see it larger.

Plus, dazzle the other guest with the purse hanger you could win from the giveaway I am co-sponsoring with this week!  Today is my last day to give someone a chance to win a Clipa Purse Hanger.  But, there are still more chances the rest of the week of course:)  Get the rest of the details here.  Good luck!

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Mary said...

I bought one from Phanger a few weeks ago.

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