Friday, November 05, 2010

Ways to get discounts using your smartphone

I keep finding ways to get discounts using my phone so I had to share.

Facebook App

Have you ever used your "Places" app on your facebook app on your iphone or Andriod phone?  Tomorrow you can check in to the store and get a free pair of jeans (10,000 people will get this) or (everyone else will get) 40% off a pair of jeans.

Someone just told me you can also get a discount on your facebook "Places" app checking in at H&M and get 20% off.

*You can also get great discounts on H&M items if you download the H&M app which I LOVE!


Another great app to get discounts is shopkick where you can check in at stores and discounts pop up.  I got a 20% discount at American Eagle Outfitters already and there are more!

Download the app and shop

Shop the app like I said with H&M and these others and get an exclusive discount.

JC Penney
Forever 21
Banana Republic
Old Navy
Urban Outfitters
Victoria's Secret

Let me know if you have any other great deals

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