Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Guide: The perfect package for coffee lovers

The Jenny Cain coffee bean clutch or wallet is the BEST thing to get for a coffee lover!  It's made with an up-cycled coffee bean sack.  Plus, get 10% off for the Cyber Monday deal.

A Starbucks (or any local coffee shop of course:) gift card is always appreciated.  I'd say $25 is the magic number:)

Who doesn't want to have a monogrammed mug and only for $6 from Anthropologie.

Oprah shared it on her favorite things episode and I've got to try it...the William & Sonoma Croissants are supposed to be AMAZING and who doesn't want something to go with their cafe'?:)

Anytime I travel, I love to get the local coffee as gifts.  This is something to do whenever you travel or just go online.  My faves right now are: Mexican, Hawaiian, and Jamaican...ones I want to try: Turkish, Ethiopian and Indian.

An easy way to share something sweet.  Do something old school and write out an easy recipe for the coffee lover to make their very own special cup o' joe.
This is from the Nate Berkus show:
Ground coffee + Cinnamon + Nutmeg + Orange Zest = Voila the house smells amazing and you have a yummy, homemade coffee (Just add whip cream...yum!)
Another recipe I found Mexican Coffee with Chocolate & Cinnamon!

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