Friday, November 19, 2010

Get style advice from Lloyd Boston the old way or the new way

You can find Lloyd Boston on his show, Closet Cases, and he is the "style guy" for Jones New York offering all of his great tips and tricks for dressing.  And now, he has a new book, The Style Checklist that goes through all of the items you should have in your closet and how to style them with items you already have in your closet.

And, if you don't have time to read...there is an AMAZING app you can download onto your iPhone for  $2.99 called, Before You Put That On, or simply search for Lloyd Boston.  With this app you get daily style tips that you can "favorite" so you can go back and reference the tip again.  The app also allows you to catalog all of the items in your closet, which I LOVE! This way you can create the looks that Lloyd is sharing from your closet.

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